The Award Winning Technology Program of the Lutheran School of St. Philip is an integral part of our total school philosophy of quality education and service to our Lord.

To that end, computers, iPads, and laptops enhance the technological education. While eBooks and iBooks continually enhance the existing educational curriculum.

The technology curriculum is organized in the following manner:

  1. First and Second Grade children are introduced to the fundamentals of the computer. They learn to identify and locate computer parts and learn the functionality of the mouse and keyboard. Proper keyboarding techniques begin in First grade and continue through eighth. Introduction to PowerPoint and Word is also accomplished.
  2. Third and Fourth Grade children are introduced to the fundamentals of computer applications using a structured text book and workbook, also available in eBooks form for the iPad. Enrichment in Pwerpoint , Word and introducing Excel.
  3. Fifth Grade students are introduced and use extensively the Microsoft Office Suite of products using a structured text book and work book, also available in eBooks form for the iPad. Primarily focusing on Microsoft Word and Excel.
  4. Sixth Grade students continue with the Microsoft Suite of products with emphasis in Microsoft Excel and Outlook.
  5. Seventh Grade students enhance their Microsoft Word skills and are introduced to the Internet and database software such as Microsoft Access.
  6. Eighth Grade students are evaluated in all applications of the Microsoft Office Suite to prepare them for the challenges of high school.

Additional technology curriculum electives include:

All students assist the instructor in providing updated information used in a real time and interactive website. This website provides up to date information on items such as homework assignments, special announcements and teacher contact information. This site is accessible only with username and password.

Students also are engaged in producing the weekly devotional broadcast. This videotaping and editing session is then broadcast throughout the school simultaneously through the vast network of television systems. Video production is currently moving into a fully equiped Television Studio for upper grade students excelling in their regular studies and maintaining a ‘B’ average.

Technology curriculum funding information:

The technology program is solely funded by donations and contributions to St. Philip. A minimal technology fee is borne by the parents each September which supports the cost for expendable materials.

Computer Lab accessibility information:

Extended Computer Lab hours are offered on a daily basis for the students who do not have computer access at their homes. This service is available before school and after school until 4:30pm daily. This activity is available to all students. Individualized (one on one) computer training is available upon request.

For Additional Education information contact:

Mr. Oppermann, MCP, CCNA (773) 561-9830